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Closest to the dream, not only on the bed.


The way of your dreams, whether lost smile!


In you the distance between dream and reality, is called practice.


The poor do not mean a penniless person, but to no dream.


Holding on to your dream, even without wings can fly.


A dynamic force is derived from the heart, a kind of indelible dream.


Everyone's life is a boat, the dream is the sail of the boat.


Let the dream to indicate the direction of life, let the beat melody horn blowing.


Every river has its own different life curve, but every river has its own dream.


How much social reality, the struggle is how difficult, how hard struggle, the dream is more valuable.


The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. Not a soul in pain when chasing its dream.


The most wonderful life is not a dream moment, but insists the dream.


Help others to get, he wants your dream will come true.


Busy, many people started to dream then busy forget to dream.


Dream, is a goal, is a prime mover, live is to make yourself happy.


Dream and freedom, all with a price, but would be worth it.


As long as have a dream, I could never be stranded.


You are my warm gloves, cold beer, with sunshine taste shirt, day after day dream.


Real crack before dream to sew, and then it broke.


Forget about the plans you don't have a success, but don't give up your dream.


The work was born hope, struggle achievements dream.


If life lost ideal, dream, fantasy, that life is push the skeleton.


A man if he had money may not poor, but without dreams would be the poorer for it.


But ah, only you have accompanied the original place, only you can understand my dreams are never small.


The more a person close to the dream, the more destiny to become his reason to survive.


As long as there is a person pursuit, he is not old. Until regrets take the place of dreams a man is not old.


The best of life is a dream- but not necessarily the best story is a dream come true.


Every man has the ability to make your dreams come true!


In under the guidance of her dream bravely forward!


Dream is the things that make you feel the persistence is a kind of happiness!


Ordinary simple dream, we used the only adhere to the belief to support the dream.


Now everything is for the future of dream weaving wings, let the dream fly in reality.


Sometimes you dream to achieve is a kind of happiness, sometimes dream is also a kind of happiness.


Never give up dreams, forget about the days it's been cloudy, but don't forget your hours in the sun.


As long as there is indomitable will, your dreams can come true.


To great causes, in addition to dream, must act.


You tear down the wall to let me go to stray, a person to complete their dream.


Life itself is a miracle, everyone must bravely to dream, the miracle bravely.


As wish to inspire dreams, dreams can also stimulate the desire.


Never forget your dream! Because he is your land.


Young is the only thing we have right to weave a dream time.


It is very important to have a dream, the dream is more important, so don't let the dream stay in the dream, trying to make it happen!


The dream of youth, is the real projection of the future.


All dreams are good dreams, no matter whether it can be achieved. All in all, thank you accompany me to do a dream.


I want to fly and like you, dream buried with high walls. I want to jump and like you, gravity so strong.


Because of the human dream and great, action is the beginning of the dream.


Success is not by dreams and hopes, but with effort and practice.


Dream will not escape, escape is always himself.


Every morning wake you up is not alarm clock, but dream.


〖One〗、Time and tide wait for no man.

〖Two〗、Action speak louder than words.

〖Three〗、Where there is a will, there is a way.

〖Four〗、Experience is the best teacher.

〖Six〗、All is well that ends well.

〖Seven〗、Fortune knocks once at least at every man’s door.

〖Eight〗、Misfortune is a good teacher.

〖Ten〗、The morning sun never lasts a day.

1〖Three〗、He that promises too much means nothing.

1〖Four〗、He who has an art has everywhere a part.

1〖Five〗、He would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom.

1〖Six〗、Home is where the heart is.

1〖Seven〗、If you are not inside a house, you don not know about its leaking.

1〖Eight〗、It is never too late to mend.

1〖Nine〗、Yesterday will not be called again.

2〖One〗、Keep something for a rainy day.

2〖Three〗、Man proposes, God disposes.

2〖Four〗、Every man has his weak side.

2〖Seven〗、Never hit a man when he is down.

2〖Eight〗、Never judge by appearances.

3〖One〗、One is never too old to learn.

3〖Two〗、One swallow does not make a summer.

3〖Three〗、One who has seen the ocean thinks nothing of mere rivers.

3〖Four〗、Out of sight, out of mind.

3〖Six〗、Poverty is stranger to industry.

3〖Seven〗、Rome was not built in a day.

3〖Eight〗、One today is worth two tomorrows.

3〖Nine〗、So many men, so many minds.

4〖One〗、Where there is life, there is hope.

4〖Two〗、All things will come round to him who will but wait.

4〖Three〗、The heart is seen in wine.

4〖Four〗、The worse luck now, the better another time.

4〖Seven〗、Experience is the best teacher.

4〖Eight〗、A friend is best found in adversity.

4〖Nine〗、What is done cannot be undone.

50、Success belongs to the persevering.

5〖One〗、Genius only means hard-working all one’s life.

5〖Two〗、The man who has made up his mind to win will never say“impossible“.


5〖Three〗、There is no such thing as a great talent without great will– power.


5〖Four〗、Cease to struggle and you cease to live.

5〖Five〗、A strong man will struggle with the storms of fate.

5〖Six〗、Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.


5〖Seven〗、The greatest talkers are always the least doers.

5〖Eight〗、Nothing venture, nothing have.

5〖Nine〗、Behind every successful man there’s a lot u unsuccessful years.


60、Enrich your life today, yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery.


6〖One〗、The secret of success is constancy to purpose.


6〖Two〗、Better master one than engage with ten.

6〖Three〗、You have to believe in yourself. That’s the secret of success.


6〖Four〗、Success grows out of struggles to overcome difficulties.

6〖Five〗、The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.


6〖Six〗、There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.


6〖Seven〗、You’re uinique, nothing can replace you.

6〖Eight〗、Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.


6〖Nine〗、A good beginning is half done.

70、East or west, home is the best.

7〖One〗、Keep trying no matter how hard it seems. it will get easier.

7〖Two〗、True mastery of any skill takes a lifetime.


7〖Three〗、The first wealth is health.

7〖Four〗、Where there is life, there is hope.

7〖Five〗、What makes life dreary is the want of motive.

7〖Six〗、Do not teach fish to swim.

7〖Seven〗、Shallow men believe in luck, Self-trust is the first secret of success.


7〖Eight〗、I have no secret of success but hard work.


7〖Nine〗、If you fail, don’t forget to learn your lesson.


80、We must not lie down,and cry,God help us.

8〖One〗、Sweat is the lubricant of success.

8〖Two〗、A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.

8〖Three〗、That man is the richest whose pleasure are the cheapest.


8〖Four〗、You make the failure complete when you stop trying.


8〖Five〗、If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

8〖Six〗、Will, work and wait are the pyramidal cornerstones for success.


8〖Seven〗、Success often depends upon knowing how long it will take to succeed.


8〖Eight〗、Think great thoughts and you will be great!


8〖Nine〗、The car will find its way round the hill when it gets there.

90、Gods determine what you’re going to be.


9〖One〗、A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.


9〖Two〗、All time is no time when it is past.

9〖Three〗、The man who has made up his mind to win will never say“impossible”.


9〖Four〗、Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.


9〖Five〗、The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.


9〖Six〗、Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

9〖Seven〗、One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.


9〖Eight〗、Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

9〖Nine〗、Great hopes make great man.

100、Each man is the architect of his own fate.



My dream我的梦想

My dream is becoming a teacher.我的梦想是成为一名老师

Our teacher are kind to us.我们的老师对我们很亲切

I think it's good job.我想这是份好工作

Also,it's funny and interesting.而且,它是好玩的和有趣的

I must study hard now.我现在必须努力学习

I often read a lot of books.我经常读许多书

I want to become an Englisn teacher.我想成为一名英语老师

Because I like English best.因为我非常喜欢英语

What's your dream?你的梦想是什么

I feel life is fill with hope and is colorful。

我的梦想是成为一个成功的志愿者. Of course.

My dream is to become a successful stateman,特别是在农村和偏远的乡村, everyone shall have his own dream。我认为有一个梦想就是我们有一个想法. That', and then we will do all the things to achieve the target. Now everything I do is close to my dream,帮助那些需要帮助的人,需要有良好的志愿者。当然,然后我们将尽一切事情以达到目标。这是我的梦想. I want to try my best to help the poor sick people of our country。中国是一个发展中国家. As long as we have a goal to be realized, to be a good stateman is very difficult, we won't be blind at least, My dream is also that although at present I'm good at study. China is a developing country which needs good stateman。现在我所做的一切是接近我的梦想, and I have enough confidence to realize my dream.

Now I'm a junior student on Grade One,但我会尽我所能做到让所有人满意I have a dream

In my mind,especially in the countryside and distant villages,我们不会盲目至少, helping those people who need help with their rights。

现在我已经是上初中一年级学生,来做这项工作的赢家;s my dream, I'll still try my best to be the study winner,我还是会尽我最大努力,每个人都应当有自己的梦想,虽然近来我很善于学习,我有足够的信心去实现我的梦想. I think that having a dream means that we have an idea,也是我的梦想是:

在我心目中。我要尽我所能来帮助我国贫困病人。只要我们有一个目标得以实现。我觉得生活是充满希望,是丰富多彩的, but I will do whatever I can do to keep everyone satisfied

Everyone has a lot of dreams. Some people want to be rich, dreaming of becoming millionaires overnight. Others want to be famous, dreaming of suddenly jumping to great fame. I have a lot of dreams,too. When I was a young girl, I dreamed of becoming a scientist like Hua Imogen in future. However, I knew very well that I could not succeed without painstaking efforts. So I studied hard in the middle school and college in order to attain my goal.

After graduating from, college, I found a job as a teacher. Although I was very busy with teaching, I never gave up my goal. I read a lot of books to get more knowledge. I made experiments to practise and apply what I had learnt from the books. Sometimes, I was so deeply indulged in my research that I forgot my meals and time. Now I have made great progress. Several of my research papers have been published. The methods proposed in my papers have been proven to be valuable for the solution of some problems. I am very happy. The ladder of becoming a scientist is still far ahead, but I have climbed the first rung anyway.




Everyone has a dream.And i have a common dream.i want to be a doctor when i grow up.i want to be a doctor because i want to see the people who around me have a happy face.when they feel happy,i feel happy too.for that, i will study harder and harder,especially math and science.no matter what trouble i will meet in the future, i will try my best to through them.i won't stop moving until i make my dream come ture.太久没写英语作文了,联系都生疏了.。





吃的东西,只有一个小药片大小,吃一片,一个月就不用吃别的东西了。同学们,我梦想中的未来是否和你们想象的一样? Students, and you know what the future of the world??? Imagine their own! I dream of it to listen to it in the future. The next book, it is pronunciation, to teach, not words, words, sentences, will explain to you, until you will be the date. This will reduce the workload of teachers so that teachers no longer overworked vehicle is certainly can fly, the sun, the moon-it can charge for the TV remote control do not have to, as long as you see which channel said the program, it Can automatically for Taiwan. Never mind the more you go to school, a slide leading to the school, one to get, Buyihuier schools will be able to, if want it to slow down, then click the button, slide the change on the rough, you can also listen to music in the slide above, Playing the game.? Daily life, it's better not say. For example, clothes, thermostat, hot day when it will cool down, we will not heat stroke. Tianleng the time, it will increase the temperature, we would not be cold. Eat things that only a small tablet size, eat a month, do not have to eat the other things. Students, and I dream of the future is not the same as you imagine我是用谷歌翻译的,不知道对不对,请笑纳 Schoolmates, you will know future world? One imagine! That listens to me to vainly hope for the future. Future book, will certainly be may pronounce, the guidance, the character, the words and expressions, the sentence, be able to give you to explain, has met until you. This will reduce teacher's work load, will cause teacher excessively to be no longer tired; The automobile definitely is may fly, solar, moon's light can charge for it; The television did not use the remote control, so long as you said that looked which channel the program, it could trade Taiwan automatically. Let alone went to school, a slide led to the school, as soon as sat, could arrive at the school before long, if wanted to let its slow spot, that pressed presses turns, the slide changed has been rough, but might also above the slide a tin of music, hit the game. The daily life, that cancould dispute. For instance clothes, may adjust temperature automatically, at the same day is hot, it will decrease temperature, we will not suffer heat-stroke. The day is cold, it will raise the temperature, we will not catch cold. Eats thing, only then a tabloid size, eats one piece, one month did not need to eat other thing. Schoolmate, I vainly hoped for that the future will be the dissimilarity which and you will imagine?。

题主你好,很高兴为你解答本人知识范围有限,难免有疏漏,敬请谅解DreamDream is strength.The strength can bring us wherever we want to get to and it canbring us a lot of wonders on our way to the place in our dreams.Dream is beauty.Maybe you can see the things full of magic and maybe you will bemoved by your own dream.Have you dreamed of being a princess? Have you dreamed ofbeing a successful person? 0h,you can understand clearly that all the things in yourdreams is unrealistic.The world is so real that all the dreams seem weak.But shouldwe have our life without dreams? 0f course not.The truth never fails to tell you: no dream,no hope.If nobody had dreamed offlying like a bird,we should never have known that a machine called plane could bringus to the places in the air.And we would never have got the chance of development anymore.Some people have said that the world would be in darkness if there hadn't beenEdison.He ever had a dream of keeping the sun above our head day and night and hereally lightens our life.So what will happen if everyone has a dream and get down tomaking it come true? There is nothing impossible if you dHere,Ialso have my dreams.Ihope that Ican live a genteel life to enjoy a pure-nice happiness.Ihave a dream that all the people could pursue their dream freely anareanget 1equal chances to everything.Ihave a dreamthat evil will lose their life andlove will fill up the blanket.Ihave a dream that one day Ican stand with all of youto see the dream turn to reality together.Mly DreamEveryone has a dream.Ialso have a dream.Iwant to be a computer programmer.BecauseIlike playing computer games,and thenI want to make my own games.Of course,I know itis difficult to be a good computer programmer.So,I have to learn more the knowledgestthe computer.For example,I' l1have some computer lessons when Ihave time.And Iwill ead more computer books everyday.' hat' s,I' l1join the compcomputer club in highschool.In conclusion,I will do some things to improve my computer operation.I am suremy dream will come true one day.My DreamEverybody have a dream,because we're dreaners.In our heart,there is a colorfuldream.Sometimes the dream is perfect,sometimes it's special,sometimes it's sweet,sometimes it' s yumy.In my dream,there are some children.Ialways play games with them and enjoyourselves.There are so many candies,too.Blue candies,pink candies,orange candies,apple candies""How delicious! In my dream,there is a special sky.In our world,thesky is blue,but the sky of my dream is pink,some angels are having fun there.In mydream,white bird can fly high,flowers can sing songs,frogs have a jump race,tomatoes are blue,potatoes are yellow,all the things are different.In my dream,Chinese people,Korean people,Japanese people,Italian people,Spanish people,American people and Russian people are hand in hand.All the peoplesmile for ever.It is a balanced world.In my dream,everything is wonderful,but our world isn' t like it.Sc we must likemy dream,to let our world get more beautiful!(未分段,所以格式看起来有些别扭)纯手敲很累望采纳。













我要用理想的火花点亮我人生的道路。Ideal is the stone, knock out a spark, Ideal is fire, lit the lamp extinguishes, Ideal is the lamp, illuminating the nocturnal road, Ideal is the way to lead you to go to dawn。

Read the quicksand river"ideal", my appearing before such a picture: I use the hands of the pen depicting the motherland glorious rivers, a record that happens in life, I use my eyes observe the world, with the brain to imagine. Yes, my dream is to be a writer. Life. Tolstoy once said a word", ideal is the beacon. Without ideal, there is no secure direction." In the past, my ideal is a vacant, learn this no mind, learn which distractivity, never is absent-minded, now I set my ideal, I will work hard to rush toward my goal. Have the ideal because in a set of things. In an exam, see the girls composition level is improved by leaps and bounds, and I stayed at piaffe, I'll secretly decided to set an ideal, efforts towards oneself ideal to strive, through a lot choice, I have decided to my ideals- when writer. From then on I began to read, every time I see taken elegant article, a lifelike characters, I'll secretly hope can write than he even good articles out! So, I grew fond of reading. Every time I see good books I have always wanted to leave no stone unturned borrowing situation, I got them, then fogs in read. Once, I hide in the study, in the sea of knowledge in knowledge of life roam, flying in the sky. At this moment, the study outside efferent mother urging of voice:"to dinner, the food good." My mouth is such response, but I still refused to budge, chair like magnetic as absorb my ass, I continue to read my book. After a long time, it is a rapid hasted shouts:"do you hear, hurry to eat, food will get cold." I still return to a:"OK, immediately, at once." At this moment, mom's the last straw, rushed in fire emit three zhangs of say:"you would say it now with the fastest speed gives me to dinner." I was staring book, then, the mother saw a, hurled a book from my hand siphoned off, then that I was pulled back from a book for reality, I asked the"stem what, I was watching with gusto,。






My dream is very small, very funny, but I still used to fantasy。。

The dying sun blood-red. Great balls of red clouds in the sky as Van Gogh's modern paintings. The remaining few drops of shallow bright pink through the aperture sprinkled on the pedestrians. Everything was gone, only a kind of comfort in the waves。。 A rare one weekend, don't have school tomorrow, today can go out for a walk.

I often think, if the morning is a beginning, a young, a naive, the sunset? Is a kind of aging, or a mature? I don't know, I don't want to know. I only want to be immersed in a kind of rare walking aimlessly。。

Along the way, the adults in a walk. I don't know in the evening walk adults unique habits is it right?. Is it right? I walk an old head on young shoulders? Is it right? A waste of time? Maybe, you will say that I am with no ambition at all. But you know, a literary family may in the dusk of birth. Maybe, you will say I am too arrogant. However, a full and meaningful life is the idea behind the yearning. Dream eyes is dynamic, it is beautiful.

I really like walking in the evening, let all the trouble away, let the feeble life more red dream. Beautiful sunset, good comfort me。。










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